Prepare to make 2021 a year of making! 

In-House Embroidery

Unlike many of our competitors who depend on contractors to produce their designs and custom embroidery, we operate our own art studio and embroidery shop right in the heart of Winston-Salem, N.C. This allows us to carefully control the process which ensures the highest quality and fastest production. This means that our quality and service is truly world-class. We operate the most modern embroidery equipment.

Our Prices Are Simple

Our prices include expert preparation of up to two designs and custom embroidery in up to two locations (up to 12,500 stitches each) when you purchase at least 24. One location is included when you order at least 12. No setup fees. No hidden fees. Does not apply to personalization. Our prices are clearly published so you don't have to request a quote. What you see is what you pay, plus shipping. At this time, designs created by Stitch America are not available for use outside of our facility.

Why Does This Matter?

Having the most modern machines and the best people allow us to embroider your order with:


Our quality machine allows us to sew very detailed and complicated designs with the best quality possible.

More Consistency

Our experienced staff checks every item to make sure they comply with our rigorous quality standards.

More Detail

The machines we use are the most modern available allowing us sew very detailed designs

Less Time

Our machines produce up to 1,000 stitches per minute. Let us know when you need your item and we'll make sure it's in your hands by then, guaranteed.

Better Communication

We use the latest technologies available to keep you updated on the status and details of your order.

Our Services

We try to keep it as simple as possible while maintaining the highest standards.

20% Off Custom Digitizing 

Order at least 20 items and receive 20% off the conversion fee for your design.


Order at least 12 items and incur no setup fees.


We create your design in-house ensuring the best quality possible.


We have no hidden fees and our prices include everything except shipping.


Order at least 20items and incur no setup fees.


We carefully finish, inspect and fold each item and place it safely in its own poly bag.

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